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Baruch Spinoza
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Signed, foundry mark J? (see close-up 2)

Bronze sculpture

Date Created

Length: 65 cm, width: 54 cm, depth: 37 cm.

The sculpture was sold by Joseph Stieglitz to the current owner in the 1970’s.

Bezalel Cecil Roth (Ed.), The Jewish Art, Israel 1974, p. 234, image no. 339.


The original Spinoza sculpture was made of marble by the artist in 1881 and is exhibited in the Russian Museum. There are no other known copies of this bronze sculpture which was probably ordered in France.

Mark Matveevich Antokolsky (1843-1902), sculptor. Born in 1843 in the city of Vilna and died in Frankfurt, Germany in 1902. He was a Russian sculptor who was admired for the psychological complexity of his historical images. Antokolsky studied in the Imperial Academy of Arts (1862–68). He first began with Jewish themes but later widened his repertoire. His statue of "Ivan the Terrible" (1870) was purchased for the Hermitage Museum by Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

Estimate: $50,000/$100,000

Location: Israel

Number of Bids: 1

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