The Estate of Prof. Victor Deutsch, Part III and Other Estates

Portrait of a Yeshiva Boy by Leonid Osipovich Pasternak 1862-1945

המכירה תחל בעוד __ ימים ו __ שעות

מחיר פתיחה: $1,000

הערכת מחיר: $3,500 - $5,000

עמלת בית המכירות: 20%

מע"מ: על העמלה בלבד

Signed (lower right)

Charcoal, gouache and oil pastel on paper

Date Created

25 x 19 cm

The Family of the Artist
Sotheby's, "Russian Paintings" Sale, March 1982, lot 338
Purchased at the above by Prof. Victor Deutsch


Executed in Palestine in 1924, according to Sotheby's catalogue where the painting was purchased.

Leonid Pasternak was born in Odessa to an Orthodox Jewish family on 4 April 1862. The family claimed to be distantly descended, in one line, from Isaac Abrabanel, the famous 15th-century Jewish philosopher and treasurer of Portugal, although no independent evidence of this exists.[1] Leonid's father made an income by renting out a guest house. The courtyard of the guest house, with its adjoining coach-house, first awakened Leonid's artistic imagination. He was the youngest of the six children in the family. He started to draw very early, but his family tried to discourage him, as they feared that his drawing would interfere with his studies. His first sponsor was the local street cleaner who began buying Pasternak's art when Leonid was seven years old. During 1879-1881 Leonid Pasternak was a graduate of the Grekov Odessa Art school.