The Estate of Prof. Victor Deutsch, Part III and Other Estates

3 Circumcision Cups

המכירה תחל בעוד __ ימים ו __ שעות

מחיר פתיחה: $300

הערכת מחיר: $600 - $800

עמלת בית המכירות: 20%

מע"מ: על העמלה בלבד

Estate of Prof. Victor Deutsch

Consisting of:
1. A Silver Circumcision Wine Cup, European, Late 18th Century. Illegibly marked, dated 1801 in Hebrew. Height – 2.5 cm
2. A Silver Cup of Mezizah, Copenhagen, 1918. Fully marked, maker's mark KCM (K.C. Hermann). Height – 4 cm
3. A Silver Circumcision Wine Cup, European, 19th Century. With original Hebrew inscription engraving and later engraved Star of David. Height – 3 cm.

Consistent with age.