The Estate of Prof. Victor Deutsch, Part III and Other Estates

A Brass Tobacco Box Representing Frederick The Great, Iserlohn, Germany, by Johann Heinrich Giese, c. 1757-1760, Made For The Dutch Market

המכירה תחל בעוד __ ימים ו __ שעות

מחיר פתיחה: $200

הערכת מחיר: $500 - $700

עמלת בית המכירות: 20%

מע"מ: על העמלה בלבד

Length 16 cm, Height: 3.3 cm

Estate of Prof. Victor Deutsch

With embossed decorations throughout: On the lid medallions of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, with the inscription "Fridericus Rex Borussorum" and Prince Frederick Henry Louis of Prussia, with the inscription: "Frid. Henricus Princeps Borussiae". In the oval cartouche on the center is an image of a battle and Dutch inscription: "Compleete victorie der Pruyssen over de Ryksen Franse Armeën bevochten by Rosbach en Merseburg d 5 Nov. 1757". Below is the maker's signature, "Giese" and "Iserlohn".
On the underside depiction of the Battle of Cartagena with the inscriptions: "Victorie Des Engelsen, Admirals Osbourne", "B (?)Y Karthagena / D. 28 Febr", "Over De Franse Escadr, Des Heeren Duqesne" and on the bottom "Gallis Eadem Flavit Sors Kartagenae Et Rosbaci".
Made in Iserlohn (Westfalia), which was a center of production of tobacco boxes in the mid 18th century, for the Dutch market.

Consistent with age.