The Estate of Prof. Victor Deutsch, Part III and Other Estates

Portrait of Charles Baudelaire in Profile By Edouard Manet 1832-1883

המכירה תחל בעוד __ ימים ו __ שעות

מחיר פתיחה: $150

הערכת מחיר: $400 - $600

עמלת בית המכירות: 20%

מע"מ: על העמלה בלבד


Date Created

10.8 x 9.5 cm

Estate of Prof. Victor Deutsch

Oxidized paper

b. Paris, 23 Jan 1832; d. Paris, 30 April 1883. French painter and printmaker. Once classified as an Impressionist, he has subsequently been regarded as a Realist who influenced and was influenced by the Impressionist painters of the 1870s, though he never exhibited with them nor adopted fully their ideas and procedures. His painting is notable for its brilliant alla prima painterly technique; in both paintings and prints he introduced a new era of modern, urban subject-matter. In his relatively short career he evolved from an early style marked by dramatic light-dark contrasts and based on Spanish 17th-century painting to high-keyed, freely brushed compositions whose content bordered at times on Symbolism. (The Grove Dictionary of Art)