The Shlomo Tepper Judaica Collection

חנוכיית ברונזה מטיפוס בית כנסת, פולין, המאה ה-18

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Copper alloy cast, traced and punched. Composed of a backplate in Synagogue architectural form, with arched central door, flanked by Solomonic pillars and rectangular windows, topped by another window. The top row of arches symbols the Ezrat Nashim and is topped by a roof and an openwork finial with birds. The oil pan tray is behind a screen typical of Polish wood Synagogue architecture. The side plates depict lions holding candle holders that probably served as Sabbath candles.

Height: 35 cm, width: 22 cm, depth: 10 cm

Condition: Good, missing the side candle holders’ dripping plates.

Provenance: The Moskovich Collection
Shlomo Tepper Collection

Literature: For two very similar Menorahs and a discussion of this type of Menorah, see Suzanne Landau, “Architecture in the Hanukkah Lamp”, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1978, p. 6, no. 3 and 4