The Estate of Yossi Benyaminoff Part II - Jewelry, Paintings, Ivory and More and the Netsuke Collection o D. Kochavi, Haifa

שני פסלוני נצקה משנהב צבוע ומגולף, יפן, תחילת המאה ה-20

The auction will start in __ days and __ hours

Start price: $140

Estimated price: $300 - $400

Buyer's premium: 20%

Sales Tax: On buyer's premium only


  1.  A polychrome netsuke of a samurai. Set on a wood base. Marked (on the reverse). Height: 5 cm (without base).
  2. A polychrome netsuke of a bijin. Set on a wood base. Height: 7.5 cm (without base).