Fine Decorative Art Including Netsuke Collection and Silverware - Live Auction

פסלון נצקה איכותי וגדול משנהב מגולף בדמות אוקמה OKAME תקופת מייג'י, אמצע המאה ה-19

The auction will start in __ days and __ hours

Start price: $200

Estimated price: $500 - $700

Buyer's premium: 20%

Sales Tax: On buyer's premium only

Signed. Delicately incised hair and slightly stained with black and red.

Okame (also known as Otafuku) is a popular figure in Japanese folktales. Often depicted with large cheeks and a joyful smile, her name translates to “much good fortune” or “plenty of happiness".

Height: 6 cm

Condition: Good, with expected wear and a nice patina.