The James Isidor Kaiser Collection - Important Old Masters, Judaica and Rare Silver Bookbindings

James Isidor Kaiser

Isidor Kaiser was born on May 6th 1890 in Berlin Westphalia, Germany. He was active in the paper industry in the US between the years 1912-1921. In 1921 Isidor returned to Berlin and became a paper goods entrepreneur.

Throughout his life, Isidor showed great interest in old masters antiques and silverware and built a formidable collection before WWII. In 1939 he relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark along with his estate where he continued to the grow his collection.

Isidor passed away in 1965 at the age of 75. He bequeathed his estate to his two remaining brothers, who resided in Israel (after having immigrated there in 1935). His beneficiaries sold most of the estate in Copenhagen in 1966 through a company called Dr. Ernst Hauswefell, the remains were sent to Israel and divided between the two heirs.

Estimated price:

$600 - $800

Estimated price:

$500 - $700