The Yossef Maiman Collection - Important Pre-Columbian Pottery and Textile Hammeriste and In Cooperation with David Ben Ami Andres Auctions (Antiquities license number 299)

A Ceremonial Wooden Post Depicting a Standing Female Chimu, Peru, 900-1470 CE

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Start price: $2,400

Estimated price: $5,000 - $10,000

Buyer's premium: 22%

Sales Tax: On buyer's premium only

The sculpture represents a naked female with an unnaturally large head standing in a rigid position. Her hair and eye sockets were painted dark brown, and her face with a glossy paint of red cinnabar resin. The woman’s torso and her extremities are less carefully sculptured and it is possible they were originally covered. Figures of female characters are much rarer than males in Chimu art.

Height: 106 cm

For more details on this lot refer to the following number in the link: num 102, p. 131 (

Provenance: Jean Pierre Cottier and Fiorella Cottier-Angeli, Geneva, Switzerland. Purchased by Yossef Maiman between 2000-2008. Estate of Yossef Maiman.

Literature: Makowski, Krzystof, Rosenzweif, Alfredo, Diaz Jimenes, Maria Jesus, Offerings for the Afterlife – Peruvian Textiles from the Maiman Collection, Kal Press LTD, Israel, 2006., p. 131

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