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A Wooden Painted Quero, Colonial (?) Inca, Peru, 17-18th Century

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Wooden ceremonial drinking vessel whose painted decoration is divided into three horizonal bands. The decoration includes complex compositions including feline heads with rainbows emerging from their mouths and warriors with square shields. Rainbows and felines were related to battle themes and were frequently represented on queros. They were also considered good omens.

Height: 21.5 cm

For more details on this lot refer to the following number in the link: num 129, p. 152-153 (

Provenance: Jean Pierre Cottier and Fiorella Cottier-Angeli, Geneva, Switzerland. Purchased by Yossef Maiman between 2000-2008. Estate of Yossef Maiman.

Literature: Makowski, Krzystof, Rosenzweif, Alfredo, Diaz Jimenes, Maria Jesus, Offerings for the Afterlife – Peruvian Textiles from the Maiman Collection, Kal Press LTD, Israel, 2006.

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