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פסלון נצקה נאה משנהב מגולף בדמות Otafuku, מיוחס ל-HIDEMASA, תקופת אדו, סוף המאה ה-18 תחילת המאה ה-19

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Start price: $300

Estimated price: $700 - $1,000

Buyer's premium: 20%

Sales Tax: On buyer's premium only

Otafuku is a popular figure in Japanese folk tales. Often depicted with large cheeks and a joyful smile, her name translates to “much good fortune” or “plenty of happiness”. This was a favorite subject of many netsuke carver.

Height: 6.5 cm

Condition: Beautiful patina. Good condition, consistent with age. No repairs, chips or nicks. 

Condition: For a detailed condition report, please contact us at [email protected]